Honda in the United States recalled the car incident apology to recognize the balloon hidden

The picture shows the Honda company president Ba Xiang Long Hong at the press conference
The picture shows the Honda company president Ba Xiang Long Hong at the press conference. BEIJING, July 6, according to Japanese media reports, Japan's Honda president Masao Kawamura Hiroshi this month on the 6th after taking office for the first time held a press conference, due to high-day company's airbag problems caused by Honda's main small car "Fit "And a series of recall events apologize," because of quality problems caused to everyone troubled. " According to reports, although the Honda company to revive the face of a grim situation, but Baxian angrily said, "will be by virtue of unprecedented creativity and technology, continue to develop Honda unique challenges of goods." He also stressed that emphasis will be given to safety, not to expand sales as a priority. On the development of highly competitive environmental technology, Pat Heung said, "strive to 2015 in Japan, the sale of fuel cell vehicles, will promote the electric power as the core technology research and development." For cooperation with other companies, he only said "if the benefits will be considered." In addition, the two townships also to the new version of "Civic" the European production of the main models will supply Japan and other markets as an example, once again that will further strengthen the global production and sales complement the mechanism. And for the Honda return race after the results continued to slump, Pat Heung said, "the situation is very grim, we regret that the company will make improvements, and strive to win." It is understood that Takada's defective airbag there are abnormal rupture of the metal sheet of the hidden dangers, the relevant accidents in the world at least 8 people were killed and more than 100 people were injured. May 18 this year, the US National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) said that due to auto parts giant Takada production of airbags there are hidden dangers, has been recalled in the United States 26.3692 million Nissan cars.

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