The car rushed to the bus station knocked down five drivers said at the time picking up the phone

Modern Express reporter Wang Rui Liao Jianwei scene car rushed to the platform knocked down 5 people accident occurred in the bus station
The accident occurred in the bus station this group are network pictures, please author to receive royalties accident Skoda car sanitation ginger master in the hospital for treatment Yesterday afternoon, Nanjing Dinghuai Street took place with a traffic accident. A Skoda Octavian car, suddenly rushed to the roadside bus station, knocked down five people. Modern Express reporter learned from the hospital, of which 3 fractures, injuries heavier, but fortunately there is no life at all dangerous. The driver said, when he bowed his head to pick up the phone, leading to the direction of out of control. Modern Express reporter Wang Rui Liao Jianwei scene car rushed to the platform knocked down 5 people occurred in the accident platform, is located in the Gulou District of Nanjing on the Huai Men Street on the streets of Ge Fang West Park bus station. Modern Express reporter rushed to the scene, the accident vehicle has been evacuated, several sanitation workers are to the ground on the blood of the sand on the sand, and transferred to the cleaning car to rinse the road. "The car suddenly rushed to the platform, several people were knocked down, flow a lot of blood." Witnessed the public Mr. Zhou told reporters that the accident occurred when he was across the road. He did not see how the car rushed to the platform, but according to his memories, the car rushed to the platform speed is not slow, it seems that no direction to avoid, "or hit the platform billboards, the car was stopped "Said Mr. Zhou. Modern Express reporter at the scene to see, billboards were hit crooked, billboards next to the waiting chair also turned. According to witnessed the public, the incident, was crashed on the chair, sitting an old lady, "the old lady was hit a lot of blood flow, lying on the ground motionless, may be very serious injury. It is understood that in the accident, a total of five people were injured, 4 female 1 male, the oldest is a 72-year-old grandmother. At present, three of them were sent to Southern Medical sophomore Hospital, the other two were sent to the hospital for treatment. Injured a young woman 14 rib fractures Yesterday afternoon, the reporter learned from the Southern Medical sophomore hospital, they received the three injured, the two seriously injured. "One of the young women, there are 14 rib fractures, pelvic, lumbar also have fracture symptoms.In addition, her spleen and liver are damaged, the injury is more serious, is currently undergoing surgical treatment." Hospital emergency department a doctor told reporters , In addition to the woman, the other 60-year-old man also appeared multiple rib fractures, head trauma and blood pneumothorax, but after the rescue, the man's situation has been relatively stable, there is no life-threatening. In addition, the two hospitals in the hospital's situation has also been stable, according to the staff of the hospital, the two are mainly head trauma, one of them have the symptoms of fractures, "At present they are no life-threatening. But because they are more than 60 years old, so the need for hospital observation and treatment. "According to the Nanjing Traffic Management Bureau reported that five of the injured, there are three fractures, but no life risk. 59-year-old sanitation ginger master, is injured in the five injured one of the lighter. At the time of the incident, she was cleaning up the trash on the platform. When the car passing the platform, suddenly turned right, suddenly rushed to the platform. "Master Jiang said she did not have time to react, was rubbed to the ground," my head is blank. Dizziness, waist also hurt. "Master Jiang recalled that the car is a 30-year-old man, after the incident, the man also simply asked her injury. Compared to ginger master, 72-year-old grandmother injury is more serious. Modern Express reporter in the hospital to see my grandmother, she had just finished the inspection back to the emergency room. She told reporters, was sitting on the waiting chair, "I intend to ride to find her daughter, did not expect to encounter such a thing." I said the grandmother was straight to her hit, "too fast, I Scared do not know how to do. "More than the grandmother said, was knocked down, she felt a lot of blood flow, and then lost consciousness," when I wake up, has been sent to the hospital. "Driver" Down yesterday to pick up the phone, resulting in vehicle out of control "Yesterday afternoon, the modern Express reporter learned from the traffic control department in Nanjing, after receiving the alarm, the police brigade five police officers rushed to the scene, the driver Yue Moumou control. According to Yue Moumou confession, about 1 pm yesterday, he drove along the Huai-door street from west to east. After passing the Ge Fang West Park bus station, because the bow picking down the mobile phone, causing the vehicle to the right deviation from the driving route, the platform of 5 people were injured. It is understood that, after a preliminary investigation, the police have ruled out the driver of the drunk driving and poisoning suspects, at present, the specific circumstances of the accident, is being further investigated and dealt with.

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